A single interlocutor

Thanks to our continuous research into innovative and high-performance technology Euroline is presented as the perfect partner in the upholstered furniture sector.
We operate as the only point of contact for the client: a strength that allows the complete autonomy management of the project - entirely in-house - as well as the optimization of all the processing phases and the reduction in development time.

Research and development

Our goal is to provide the Customer with a complete service: we support him on design and we deal with the rapid prototyping and the optimization for series production, also starting from the Customer’s idea.
Euroline technical department is continuously searching for new materials and market trends.

Social and environmental sustainability

We deeply care for our collaborators and planet well-being. We are committed to create a comfortable working environment, to reduce the processing waste and experiment new technological and sustainable materials for our creations.

Technological evolution and craftsmanship applied to design: discover our processes.


Thanks to the synergy between different processes we offer to the customer a complete service, completely right in-house.

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